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Entegra Information Technology Solutions: Ki4

Entegra’s Ki4 information technology solutions are designed for those professionals who are responsible for threat assessment or risk analysis; for those who need to document and build a database of incidents, events or issues; for those who need to store and retrieve information from previously conducted investigations; and finally, Entegra's Ki4 information technology solutions are for those who must monitor compliance and report non-compliance regarding government regulations, internal policies or 3rd party business "codes of conduct," such as corporate social responsibility guidelines.

If the objective is to achieve an enterprise or departmental knowledge capability to address, manage, and report on threats, risks, and security concerns that affect key corporate assets, including people, physical, information or reputation then Ki4 is the perfect data and document foundation.

Whether it's Ki4 "off-the-shelf," or a unique custom-built Ki4 solution, Ki4 technology is the only available information solution to track, manage, and report threats, risks and/or incidents.

Ki4 Risk Reporting System (RRS)

Ki4 QwikTrac (QT)

Ki4 Browser Interface


Ki4: Solutions
Ki4 is a professional, cross-departmental information technology solution that enhances an organization's ability to identify risk, threats, incidents, issues, defects, and events.
Ki4: Advanced  
Ki4 is an advanced database application for the management, analysis, and retrieval of information and documents essential to solving and preventing problems.


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